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About Us Get to know us!

Our Vision and Mission Statement

Imperial Corporates Business Consultants was born with the vision to foster entrepreneurial potential and assist fledgling enterprises pan India in unlocking their true potential. Our mission is to take the abstract idea in your head and translate it to real-world goals to be achieved, plans to be executed, deadlines to be met, and milestones to be crossed.

Why Imperial Corporates?

As a customer, we understand you have multiple choices, and we take it as a challenge to prove to you how we are ahead of the curve. As our vision revolves around customer desires, so we do conceive following business traits in our work.

  1. Big or Small – We Respect All: Imperial Corporates does not distinguish on the basis of the size of your enterprise. Every company once was one-employee strong. We understand and encourage that, and ensure splendid treatment, no matter the zeroes in your bottom line.
  2. We Think Outside-In:AAs a consultant, the first thing we do is put ourselves in our client’s shoes to understand the business context better, and analyse the subtle nuances and complexities that are unique to your company, instead of trying to shoe-horn you into a tried-and-tested formula.
  3. Relationships That Last Generations:We are old-school. To us, business relationships are too important and valuable to be treated lightly. It is our constant effort to offer you our assistance whenever you may ask for it – and sometimes even when you don’t.

Our Work Methodology

While we believe every business has a unique context, and thus needs a unique solution, we still have a simple approach to ensure consistency in quality across pan India.

  1. Test The Waters, Make Initial Contact: Most projects begin with a simple message or phone-call. Once we have the requisite background information, we set up a face-to-face meeting. It is a company policy not to proceed without one – no number of phone calls or emails can replace a simple lunch meeting. The necessary investigation is conducted, and a memorandum of understanding is signed.

  2. Let’s Take This Relationship Further: We want to know you – and your business, inside out. This phase is dedicated to understanding the subtle tones and shades unique to your business so that we can truly comprehend the new environment we are operating in, its opportunities and its threats.

  3. Project Proposal: A proposal containing the pain points we will be solving, and possible courses of action for the same will be presented. It will be a comprehensive document which will contain the timeline, terms, costs and performance matrix.

  4. Research and Analysis: The next step is the first step of the execution. We bring our entire team on-board so that fresh eyes can research and analyse the situation, and develop alternatives. This step is the key to the project, and we strive to coordinate with our client as closely as possible. As a business consultant, we understand you know your company best, and this synergy translates to a comprehensive report with our findings and recommendations.

  5. Delivery of Project: At the final stage, we conclude our assessment and present it to you for evaluation. The results are presented as per your flexibility, and once they are approved, we are happy to stay on for the next phase and guide you through its implementation.

  6. Training and Invincible Support: We so make sure business owners are themselves hand on the customized product and then cascade down the line to business vertical heads. Our way of executing project moves Top to Bottom, while we deliver training sessions and support to end users.


Imperial Corporates is always looking for strategic consultants with execution mindset. If you believe you are one of them, we welcome you to write to us with your profile. You may be a fresher or an experienced person and it doesn’t matter as long as you are good at seeing the big picture, thinking clearly and articulating your thoughts. Write to us at rsm@imperialcorporates.com

Our Approach

  • Our experience in "trends" and "technologies" on Web 2.0 and Business Intelligence, is an envious value-addition we bring to our clients, both on the Strategy as well as Technology fronts.
  • Through our specialist Business Analysts, we spend quality effort in understanding the Client's business, processes and data, to churn out a more appropriate Requirement Definition.
  • The emphasis on Architecture and Design of the system leads us in deploying extensible, scalable and easy-to-manage solutions. Business Intelligence based reporting, structured through incisive understanding of the domain, provides our customers the value-addition in the solutions we provide.
  • Over the years, the company has seasoned innovations of the IT industry, and always led from the front in adopting newest technologies that serve the best solution.
  • Our solutions address commercial concerns on the Returns of Investment (RoI) on our client's IT budgets, either through increased Business Efficiency or via minimal Total Costs of Ownership (TCO).
  • Our commitment to on-time, on-cost Delivery is endorsed by our previous clients; our track record shows that we have successfully implemented solutions in organizations where top IT Solution providers have failed.
  • Our commitment with Clients does not end with the delivery of the solution. Our unflinching support post delivery emphasizes in the confidence reposed by our Clients in our Serviceability.